This year nearly 1000 cars have not passed “Rubizh”

Last year the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Traffic Police have developed a joint procedure for detention of vehicles that are being sought throughout the country. Therefore, in the Transcarpathian region at the state patrol service stations in Nyzhni Vorota, Mala Kopanya and Lazeshchyna the devices that capture such cars were installed.
The system works as follows: if a resident of Kyiv in his or her car passes through these traffic police posts, the camera automatically captures its license plate. At the same time, the traffic inspector is notified that the vehicle is wanted and stops the driver.
"Today, about 1000 sought cars have been entered in the "Rubizh" system – the head of the State Bailiffs Service of the Department of Justice in Transcarpathian region Natalia Panova explained today, December 4, at the press conference. – Most cars are detained during the Christmas holidays and summer vacation. That is, in a period when there is heavy traffic."

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