This year in Transcarpathia no conflicts on ethnic grounds have been recorded

This was announced during a briefing on Wednesday, December 26, by the head of Nationalities and Religions Department of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Yuriy Huzynets. 
According to Census 2001, Transcarpathian region is inhabited by over 100 nationalities. 80.5% are Ukrainians, also there are large proportions of Hungarians, Romanians, Russians, Slovaks, Roma.
Every year festivals of cultures and arts of national minorities are held in the region. There is the Center of cultures of national minorities in Transcarpathia. Of the 499 libraries in the region 112 are located in the places of compact residence of national minorities. Of 476 clubs, 94 are located in the places of compact residence of national minorities. There are 455 amateur groups here. 
Also in the region there are more than 70 monuments and memorials in honor of culture activists and important historical events of national communities. 
There are 116 secondary schools and 93 kindergartens where education and learning is carried out in minority languages.
According to Yuriy Huzynets, next year there will be a new nationwide census. 
– Census of 2013 is very important for us as for a multi-national region. So we work with representatives of national minorities to inform people about the census. 
The official expressed hope that the next year’s census will be as objective as possible. In 2001, the Roma population of Transcarpathia did not have passports, currently almost all representatives of this nationality have received the documents – informed the press center of RSA.

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