This year, 28 criminal cases on corruption crimes were directed to the court

Coordination meeting of regional law enforcement agencies management was held in the prosecutor’s office. They discussed the status of adherence to anti-corruption legislation.

The meeting was attended by the heads of USS, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Tax Service and Chop Customs, all the district and city prosecutor’s offices and department heads of regional prosecution service.

Opening the meeting, the acting prosecutor Vitaly Mukhin said that during 2012 the prosecutor’s offices and other specially authorized bodies in the field of preventing and combating corruption, have taken several measures to strengthen countering this negative phenomenon, elimination of laws violations and prosecution of perpetrators . 

 The year 63 protocols on committing administrative corruption were submitted to the court. 33 people were brought to responsibility in fines (total over 33 thousand hryvnias). Of these 33 offenders who were prosecuted by the court 29 are already dismissed from their positions.

This year, 28 criminal cases on corruption offenses were directed tothe court: 25 – by prosecuting bodies and 3 by regional USS.

However, the work to identify corruption in public procurement, land relations, transportation and health care is still insufficient, – said Vitaly Mukhin.

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