They plan to double the number of fire brigades in Transcarpathia because fires occur more frequently

On Wednesday, March 27, under the direction of the first deputy head of the regional administration Igor Svyshcho, there was the meeting of the commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations.

First, the meeting approved emergencies risk passport for the region.

Then, they listened to the chief of the fire control department Vitaliy Lyinart, who said that last year, in Transcarpathia 1,834 fires occured. This is 61% more than in 2011.

However, direct material losses decreased. If in 2011 they amounted to more than 11 million, in 2012 – just over 10 million. The death toll in the fire – 50 people against 48 in 2011. Increased number of fires was observed in Vynogradiv, Mukachevo, Beregovo, and Khust districts.

The causes of the fires were violations of fire safety rules when installing electrical equipment, careless handling of fire, operation of furnaces. 57 local fire brigades are planned for the region. Currently there are 25.

Also, the speaker said that fire safety systems in Uzhgorod 16-storey building are obsolete. So Uzhgorod municipality was instructed to take measures to repair the fire automation and fire water supply systems in the building.

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