Thermal pools are one of the tourist attractions of Transcarpathia

  The head of the RSA Oleksandr Ledyda believes that thermal pools are one of the tourist attractions of Transcarpathia. On Wednesday, December 19, the head of the region reviewed the work of the pools in Beregovo and the village of Kosyno.
The pool complex near the sport base "Zakarpattya" in Beregovo was built more than half a century ago. The pool is 50 meters long. The peculiarity of this pool is the hot healing water. At any time of the year its temperature reaches 50 degrees. However, it is cooled to 35. The treatment in this pool helps to improve the health of people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, treats skin diseases. Oleksandr Ledyda examined the complex: swimming pools, massage rooms, gyms, hotel rooms. The head of the region stressed that the complex building needs renovation, since the last repair was made here during the Soviet era.
Also Oleksandr Ledyda visited recreation center "Kosyno. Hot water ", which is located near the Hungarian border. Here there are 4 thermal pools. In this institution, people who have problems with the musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems are treated. The buildings are modern compared to those of the complex in Beregovo:
          – We must use unique features that nature gave us – including hot water. However, it needs investment, as tourists and people willing to improve their health, require appropriate and comfortable conditions. Currently they are available in Kosyno, but the infrastructure of the complex in Beregovo needs improvement.
         Oleksandr Ledyda assured: the government supports these initiatives and helps entrepreneurs in solving any problems. The head of the region is convinced that specialists of regional offices should pay more attention to the issue of complexes with thermal pools when developing tourism programs and tourist routes – informed the press center of the RSA.

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