There will be no policemen at the polling stations

Tomorrow, October 24, at 12 am at the Economic Faculty of UzhNU there will be a general briefing for employees that will work at the polling stations.
 "We have developed memos for the policemen about how they should behave during the elections," – said the head of the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Victor Rusin at a press conference. – "The policemen will be on the streets and in the rooms allocated to them near the poll stations. There will be no policemen at polling stations. They are prohibited from entering the polling station unless the chairman calls them to record the violation. We primarily aim to ensure the safety of citizens. In the previous elections in some regions of Ukraine there were tragic incidents.

People of all ages come to vote. Some people may become ill and the policemen have to give them first aid."

Also Victor Rusin said that the work of the policemen will be controlled by 4 groups which will be checking the performance of duty.

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