There will be no layoffs and restructuring at the Uzhgorod car division!

Valeriy Lunchenko: We have managed to avoid layoffs and restructuring at the Uzhgorod car division

At present, the most urgent issues, that cause social tension in labor collectives of railway companies in the region, are the preconditions for reduction of the number of employees at the Uzhgorod car division (as evidenced by the collective appeal of the Primary trade union organization of the Uzhgorod passenger car division).

According to the order of the Director General of the Ukrainian Railways and the approved list of separate divisions of the passenger facilities subject to reorganization in 2014, Uzhgorod passenger car division was subject to reorganization.

The head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration sent a letter to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Maxim Burbak, which reads as follows: "The regional state administration is interested in securing employment of railway industry employees in the region and shares the concerns of Uzhgorod territorial trade union organization of Lviv railway. We ask to resolve the issue and to prevent the reorganization of Uzhgorod passenger car division."

The reply letter that has come from the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine states that the reorganization of separate divisions of Lviv railway passenger facilities, planned for 2014, has been canceled. 

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