There will be enough trees for everyone, Transcarpathian foresters assure

Regional foresters are ready to sell Transcarpathians 43,000 Christmas trees. This limit for their harvesting is set for forestry and hunting economy businesses of the region.

According to the Acting Head of the Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting Husbandry Valeriy Murga, the harvesting of Christmas trees will be conducted at specially designed plantations. At all enterprises, there will be trading places, where trees will be sold for the holidays. Each tree will have an appropriate "tag" with the relevant code of its origin. The official did not announce the prices for Christmas trees, explaining that they are now being formed. At the same time, he noted that the price would not be too different from the last year one, which was 50 UAH per meter.

The issue of the preservation of plantings from illegal logging is under special control of the forest department. There will be patrolling crews with workers of the state forest protection, local police agencies, state environmental service, representatives of local government and NGOs.

– The fine for one illegally felled coniferous tree with a stump of 10 cm in diameter in December and January will reach 247 UAH.  Accordingly, with a stump of 10-14 cm in diameter – 436 UAH, 14-18 cm in diameter – 1,121 UAH, 18-22 cm in diameter – 2,300 UAH, – Valeriy Murga said. 

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