There will be a dog shelter in Vynogradiv!

The preparation of the documents for preliminary approval of the development of the land use project for a site in estimated area of ​​0.30 ha on Leyzman street to accommodate the stray animals control center has started in Vynogradiv. The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of the executive committee.

It’s no secret that a large number of stray animals, that attack people, is a big problem for many cities of Ukraine (including Vynogradiv also). Caring about the safety of the residents of Vynogradiv, the city government approved the "Program of stray animals control in Vynogradiv in 2016 – 2020", under which. together with the ME "Center for Investment and Development" and the Polish animal protection organization from the city of Rzeszow (Poland), they have developed a darft grant application for funding for the establishment of cross-border stray animals control centers.

The activities of the project will focus on the construction and logistic support of the establishment, which will include three services – catching of stray animals, sterilization and identification (chipping), waste removal.

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