There is no epidemics of influenza in the region

In the second week of the year the epidemic situation in Transcarpathian region remains stable. The incidence of acute respiratory viral infections does not exceed traditional seasonal values ​​- 15.4 per 10,000 people which is 2.2 times lower than epidemic threshold (33.7 per 10,000).  Over the past week 1894 cases of acute respiratory viral infections were recorded, which is 23% (357 cases) more than that over the previous week (1537 cases). The percentage of children under 17 in the total number of cases is 63.8% (1208 patients).114 people (7% of all diseased) were hospitalized, including 101 children under 17 years, which is 88% of all hospitalized people.Since the beginning of epidemic season, 4295 flu vaccinations have been conducted. 1503 health care workers (36.5% of the planned amount) and 1593 persons who are in special groups (92.5%) have been vaccinated.  

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