There is a 10000 liter barrel of wine in the village Serednie, in the basement, recognized by UNESCO

The 4,5 kilometer historical wine cellars in the village Serednie of Uzhgorod district are look like the maze. The Cellars were built in the XVI century and nowadays it is an architecture monument which is recognized by UNESCO and included to the top ten of the best Cellars in Europe. It took the 4th place in the ‘Seven architectural wonders of Transcarpathia’ competition. Peter I delighted in the wine of the village Serednie, and before Leonid Brezhniev’s arrival they even built the degustation room which is functioning even nowadays.   

Cellars had been serving as the peoples’ repository during the military attacks for five hundred years. Later on they began to store wine there. As far as the cellars were dug in the type of volcanic origin rock tuff, fresh air penetrates into the ground from time to time through its capillaries. That is why the conditions for wine endurance are perfect there, because the temperature does not exceed 12 degree. The sunny drink is stored in wooden barrels. There are the room size barrels and even a 10 594 liters barrel of wine. The high-quality dry wines ‘Izabella sukha’, ‘Stolove bile’, ‘Stolove rozheve’, dessert wines ‘Izabella desertna’, ‘Irshavske’ are sampled and bought there. But you will not be able to find there the legendary ‘Spokusnutsa’ and ‘Troianda Zakarpattia’ anymore. 






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