There are animal abusers in Uzhgorod! Open letter to the police

This is not so much a news report, as it is an appeal to anyone who can influence the situation.

There will be no photos or details in this post. We just state: there is an animal abuser in Uzhgorod.

Citizens have already recorded three cases of cat abuse. We’ll spare you the details, but it is clear that no normal human would do this. Two slaughtered cats (one of which had owners, but was walking on his own) were found on Svoboda Avenue, another terrible incident occurred on Komendar Street (formerly Dzhambul). This is beyond humanity. It is especially upsetting that the "results" of inhumane activities can be seen by children.

The details of the cases can be found in the group "Everyone has a second chance," HERE.

While animals rights advocates complain about inactions of law-enforcers, we urge the police to respond appropriately. And we remind: according to researches, sadists, who torture and kill animals, later move to people.

Please consider our publication as an appeal to the National Police Office in Transcarpathian region. We will be following the situation.

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