The yellow and blue sign in Uzhgorod was damaged by vandals (PHOTOS)

The sign at the entrance to Uzhgorod, which was painted in yellow and blue colors and decorated with embroidery, was damaged by vandals at night. The photo-fact about it was posted by journalist Vitaliy Hlahola.

He writes: "At the entrance to Uzhgorod, some scumbags painted over the inscription "Glory to Ukraine" and wrote "Glory to invaders. Ukraine – away." I don’t kbow what to say."

And he adds: "I will give 1000 hryvnia reward for any information that could help the police to identify vandals. Write me a personal message." right at today’s meeting of Uzhgorod City Council came up to the first deputy mayor Vitaliy Semal asking to resolve the issue. 

By the way, activists are already discussing the incident in the comments to the post and suggest to come and paint over the consequences of the incomprehensible act. 


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