The year that has passed. 2018 in Transcarpathia through the eyes of PHOTOS (PART ONE)

2018 was a historic year for Ukraine. The year of achievements and changes. But still not a year in which the war ended. Transcarpathia, as a region with a special character, perceives all the events in the country and the world in its own unique way. Therefore, it has its own highlights of 2018. Here is the first half of our traditional photo review of 2018 with the photos of our author Serhiy Hudak.


Uzhgorod along with all of Ukraine celebrates Christmas! Transcarpathia adds a unique color to this process.

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On January 10, near the village of Sil in Velyky Berezny district, a freight train went off the rails. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

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In Beregovo district, in the village of Hecha, traditional festival of pork took place. Once, this was a festival of butchers (henteshes), now a culinary event.

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At the end of January, due to changes in the water level in the rivers, the banks show a striking picture. These are just six of the hundreds of items that the photographer Serhiy Hudak found within an hour on the floodplain of the Uzh near Nevytske.

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They are back! Meeting with hugs, flowers, tears and… cats. The glorious 128th brigade, including Uzhgorod 15th Battalion, returned home. Some broght home from the front not only memories, but also a warm animal friend.

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The fun festival of pancakes took place in the Bozdosh Park. At the end of the festival, the symbol of evil – Mara – was burned.

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The first lady is in Uzhgorod! Marina Poroshenko came to Transcarpathia on social matters. And cultural. She visited the Nevytsky castle, which is still dreaming of a revival (but there has been no progress still). The photo with roses became a meme in social networks.

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Ivan Miron is 89. The only living Transcarpathian from those who were imprisoned in Stalin’s camps for 25 years. He lives in the mountain village of Rosishka in Rakhiv district.

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March 18th. Winter in Uzhgorod came in the spring. It’s a bit cold, but very beautiful.

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The villages of Transcarpathia, in particular Iza in Khust district and Siltse in Irshava district, live their own lives.

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The Mountainbike Championship of Ukraine is held in Uzhgorod, in Shakhta Forest. The conditions are difficult, but spectacular.

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Saffron is one of the blooming symbols of Transcarpathia. And especially when it cover the outdoor museum in the mountain village of Kolochava with a thick carpet.

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Easter in the Uzhgorod Skansen with the Transcarpathian Folk Choir.

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Once again, community representatives are protesting in Transcarpathia. The decentralization reform in the region is essentially blocked. The region has the worst results in the country in terms of the formation of united communities.

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Pink wave can not be stopped! Like every spring for almost a century, Uzhgorod is buried in the pink foam of the sakuras. Beautiful!

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Museum Day is a spectacular holiday every time. In the Uzhgorod castle, children are dancing, the collection of exhibits are displayed, and even night entertainment is taking place.

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Trade unions are protesting! The regional organization of trade unions does not want to leave its office on Narodna Square.

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A horrible accident, and miraculously nobody died. In the village of Kolchino (Mukachevo district), a piece of the mountain slid down: two houses and a passenger car were destroyed. On the opposite side of the mountain, there is a closed quarry mining crushed stone.

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The revival of the cycling movement in Uzhgorod. At least five hundred cyclists took place in the regular night ride.

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Historical event. The Beskydy tunnel was officially opened. The multi-million dollar construction project, years of work and, as they say, a big plus to transport infrastructure. Even the President of Ukraine arrived.

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Love is a great power. In the Synevyr rehabilitation center for brown bears, spring prevails, even though animals are sterilized. Photo for adults only)

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And on the Uzhgorod “Kirpichka” Lake, four baby swans are already swimming on the water. The whole community is concerned about the fate of the swan family and all the other swans in Uzhgorod.

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A Roma man was killed in Lviv. We visited the camp, where his family lived, to see their life. In response, the Roma community organizes a protest rally in Uzhgorod.

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Sports event of the world level. Uzhgorod hosted the World Shidokan Karate Championship. Several Uzhgorod athletes won the highest awards.

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Run, bride, run! The Parade of Brides started with the Runaway Bride. Women in wedding dresses put on running shoes and ran 500 meters along Dovzhenko Street!

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The entire team of wishes you more vibrant emotions in the new year!

To be continued.

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