The winner of the Beregovo mayor election has been determined

In beregovo OPORA conducted parallel vote count. Observers of OPORA were at all polling stations of the city, and collected information of election commissions on voting results

            According to the parallel vote count, which was conducted by the OPORA, the largest number of votes went to the candidate of the Democratic Party of Hungarians of Ukraine Zoltan Babyak.He received 54.9% or 5,547 votes. The results of the parallel vote count are based on the data from local election commissions, which were indicated in their primary protocols.

            The second place went to the candidate of the political party "United Center" Olga Bizilya – 22.91% or 2,315 votes.

            The third place went to the candidate nominated by the party KMKS-Party of Hungarians of Ukraine Oros Heiza – 11.24% or 1,136 votes.

            The nominee of the "UDAR" party Vitaliy Antipov received 1.57% or 159 votes.

            All other candidates together scored 5.22% or 527 votes.

            0.7% or 71 of voters did not support any candidate.

            7.66% or 349 ballots were found invalid.


            OPORA plan to publish a statement on the results of observations on June 3, 2013.   In this statement they will announce their conclusions on the voting process, counting of votes at polling stations, the results of the election established by the TEC. In this statement the OPORA will assess the violations, recorded at the election, and their effect on the results.

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