The weather in Transcarpathia in the coming days will resemble a “capricious teenager”

Over the next 10 days, Transcarpathia will be under the constant influence of the air mass transfer from the west, with all dangerous formations (cyclone centers from the Atlantic) passing much farther north. Only secondary formations of these cyclones are expected above our territory in the form of atmospheric fronts, which will occasionally cause precipitations in the form of snow in the mountains, and mostly rain in the lowlands. Friday and Saturday may be exceptions, as there may be snow on those days even in the flatlands.

Low intensity precipitation is expected in most of the region, with the exception of the eastern part (Rakhiv, Tyachiv and some of Mizhhirya districts). In the mountains, throughout the week, moderate wind is expected (up to 20 m / s), in the lowlands – from mild to moderate (2 to 10 m / s). The temperature is also very variable. At altitudes above 900 m, temperatures will range from -15 at night to 0 degrees in the daytime. At altitudes of 300 to 900 m – from -8 at night to +2 degrees in the daytime. At altitudes up to 300 m – from -5 at night to +8 degrees in the daytime. The bulk of precipitation this week is forecast for February 11-12 and February 14-15. Hazardous events include the risk of storm, road icing, and slush build-up.

As for the weather in Uzhgorod, cloudy weather is expected throughout Friday and Saturday, and on Saturday afternoon the sky over Uzhgorod will begin to clear. The chance of rain is around 80% on Friday, 40-60% on Saturday in the morning, and no precipitation on Sunday.

Precipitation in the form of light rain and sleet is expected. On Friday morning, there may be clear snow transitioning into sleet. The temperature will range from 0 during the night to +6 during the day. Mild to moderate wind (2-10 m / s), the head of Transcarpathian CHM Vasyl Manivchuk informs.

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