The UC team has lost a “soldier”

Deputy of Transcarpathian Regional Council Ingrid Turis announced her withdrawal from the political party United Center. She posted the information and motivation for this decision on her page on Facebook.

"Dear, fellow residents of Mukachevo!

What is happening in our hometown? What is this arbitrariness? Who gave us right to do such things to each other, to historical and cultural monuments of the city, the municipal property, which we inherited from our predecessors?

Lack of professionalism and dedication to their work, tact and common humanity in the performance of their duties on the part of our elected representatives of Mukachevo authorities, faithful serving to the community of the city, led to the elimination of important historical and architectural sites of the city. The list includes: the House of National Communities, the historical monument "Eternal Flame", plans to dismantle kiosks for the sale of press on the central square of the city, closing of the only city cinema "Peremoha" and other institutions that have social significance.

Why there are no arguments, alternatives, explanatory information on the adoption of certain decisions by the city council to the People – as the greatest treasure of the city, the land, entrepreneurs, taxpayers that no society can exist without.

We are becoming the hostages to such processes.

It’s more like a totalitarian regime, dictatorship, banning freedom of speech, but not "European standards" of local government.

And what have we built? What can we leave for our children?


Due to the lack of personal involvement, but a sense of responsibility and high moral standards, including for the adoption of the above decisions, I do not want to be a member of the organization that is an indicator of these process (the statement of withdrawal from the Transcarpathian regional organization of the United Center is attached)."


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