The trial of Rotmistrenko did not take place yesterday

Yesterday, March 9, the Court of Appeal for Transcarpathia was supposed to hear the appeal of Uzhgorod judge Mykhailo Rotmistrenko against Mukachevo district court decision dd. January 31 to deprive him of his driving license.

However, the hearing did not take place. As the press service of the Transcarpathian Court of Appeal explained the, yesterday, before the consideration of the proceeding, representative of the offender asked for the judge’s recusal.

– One of the main reasons is that the offender at one time worked as an assistant judge at the Court of Appeal. Therefore, the request for recusal will be considered – explained the press service of the court.

The date of the next meeting is not yet known.

Recall that in August last year, judge Rotmistrenko was arrested drunk driving at the entrance to Mukachevo, and in December, the situation repeated in Uzhgorod.

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