The Transcarpathian Drama Theater intends to train young successors

Finally, a theater studio opens at the largest theater of Transcarpathia. According to the director of the Transcarpathian academic regional music and drama theater Vasyl Mariukhnych, such studios operate in each region. Their purpose is to search for talented youth. Because now, all theaters of the region have faced the problem of personnel shortage. 

Classes at the theater studio will be conducted by young actors Lyubomyr Helyas, Dmytro Snyozyk and Agelina Peresolyak, who play leading roles in the theater. Classes will be held several times a week in the afternoon. It is planned to enroll a group of up to 20 children. Registration will continue until October 6, and auditions will take place on October 11-12 on the small stage of the theater. Contact phone: 0679796704 , – the organizers inform.

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