The tragedy of the Ukrainian Roma!

Оn July 1,  was  murdered woman. It was a young Roma girl. The murder occurred in the town of Berehovo, Transcarpathian region. The man who, brutally killed a woman, wounding her to neck at this time unknown.  He escaped the murder scene. But it is known that her child was left an orphan. We were also informed that girl was only 30-32 years old, she was just walking down the street with a cart, in which she collected scrap metal, paper and so on. The unknown man came from behind and cut her neck. For what?!

It’s a shame that a large number of Ukrainian society, after David’s death, became even worse condemns the Ukrainian Roma community, supporting and justifying the murder in Lviv and simply gloating over the tragedy of the  Ukrainian Roma community.

I remind you that on June 23 at 23.25 the police received a message that in a forest on the outskirts of Lviv a group of unknown persons in masks attacked a camp in which where living small  Roma community.  As a result of the clashes, a 24-year-old Roma boy, who is a resident of the Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, was killed. Three more were hospitalized with knife wounds, as well  residents of the Transcarpathian region. We can not forget about the 10-year-old boy, who was also cut with knives.

I would like to comment  the funeral of the murdered David…

At the  funeral ceremony in  David’s native  village Serne, the Transcarpathian region,  we did not see any representative of the "white" skin, except of course an alien with his team from Canada. There was no one apology from the parents, whose children killed the defenseless Roma-guy. No  official statement by the authorities. There were only some materials, articles, videos and comments that simply shocked the normal European, with human values. Unfortunately, people who has  European values ​​we have such little in Ukraine and in the internet  there is only one "hate" against  Ukrainian Roma. What is to write here, reviewing the comments in the internet you will see by yourself.

We return to the murder of the Roma girl in Beregovo. This time  we do not have explosion in the internet, as with the previous  David’s case. In this situation, it is still unknown what the motivation for the murder became. There is an investigation.  For Ukrainian Roma  community obviously, there is something "unclean"  with murdered Roma girl.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that at last time we have more interethnic conflicts in Transcarpathia. Perhaps one of them happened yesterday, July 2. In the city of Perechin, Transcarpathian region was burned Roma house. According to the residents of the Perechin’s Roma camp, interviewed personally by me. House was burned by non Roma people, but according to the NGO of Uzhgorod, it was set on fire in the  conflict between the Roma community itself. In general, the secret is covered in darkness!

The question remains, how long will this continue ?! Аnd also one hope   for the Roma community, that soon everything will calm down and there will be no more Roma victims.

In the meantime, we appealing  to the European Community : do not be indifferent to the Ukrainian Roma. Because we began to fear for our lives…


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