The tourist boom in Uzhgorod hotels

The Dance Sport Competition ‘UZHGOROD OPEN 2012’, the sakura blossom and the wine festival will make Uzhgorod the real tourists’ attraction.

There are rumors in the city that all hotels of the regional center will be occupied from April 28 to May 2, that is why decided to check whether it is true that so many guests are going to visit our city.

It is gratifying that all hotels we called told us that the prices for the spring rush were not raised. All available rooms are really occupied for May holidays in hotels ‘Prague’, ‘Letiuchyy golandets’, ‘Druzhba’, ‘Inturyst-Zakarpattia’, ‘Svitanok’.

There are a couple of vacant rooms in ‘Old Continent’, ‘Zolota Gora’ and ‘Uzhgorod’ hotels, in those where the highest prices. In general, almost all the hotels noted that tourist were interested in the cheap accommodation, it means that not all of them are able to rest in grand style.

This was confirmed in Uzhgorod hostels as well, in particular, the rooms for the future weekends were booked a few month earlier in the ‘Five Flags’ hotel, the rooms in the hostel tourist center ‘Svitanok’ are in a great demand.

We could not find out if tourists are in demand of daily rent apartments. The people who are working in this sphere refused to talk to us.  

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