The territory near the “Yuvileyny” is littered

The site, which is still partly under construction, despite the war over it that was before the local elections, is gradually turning into dump.

Now the garbage in two concrete pits is not noticable, it is covered with snow. People started to throw there bottles, wraps, rags, and other trash since they began construction in the "Yuvileyny" store here on Svoboda Avenue – the publication "Stary Zamok Palanok" reported.

"I have been living here for more than 20 years, – Olena, a resident of the house number 55 on Svoboda Avenue says. – I do not know who started all that, but once people began to throw all kind of trash to those pits and they keep doing it. And no one cleans them.   There are not enough trash bins on the street, so people throw garbage in these pits.   I have repeatedly told the workers to take out garbage of the pits, but no one listens to me.What they want to build there, I do not know."

The "Yuvileyny" shop assistants also do not know what they plan to put in those pits. But they assume that probably there will be flowerbed or fountains there.  Residents of neighboring houses joke that this is how it was intended. "We have a store, benches at the entrance, and two huge concreted trash bins under our feet in the ground. Very convenient. This is definitely modern art" – residents of the Avenue laugh.

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