The tax service simplified the procedure for issuance of identification codes

Updating taxpayer’s card, for example, in case of its loss, will be easier – now there is no need to obtain a piece of paper at the residence.

Ukrainians can receive a registration number of the taxpayer’s card not only at the place of residence but also in the department of the Tax Service at the place of income or the location of other object of taxation.
The same opportunity is provided to taxpayers for regaining card (for example, in case of its loss), making changes to the State register of individual taxpayers or receiving from it particular data on the amounts of the paid income.
Currently a citizen can easily receive the taxpayer’s card at the place of official registration within 5 working days. Also the STS plans to reduce to 5 working days the period required for the registration or amendments to the state registry in the tax service centers in the workplace or other facility (now it takes 10 days). Currently the relevant order is to be registered with the Ministry of Justice.


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