The Tax Service reminded Uzhgorod residents about declaration of income

State Tax Inspectorate in Uzhgorod reminds that February 11, this year is the last day to submit the declaration of property and income by individuals – entrepreneurs.

Please note that individuals – entrepreneurs shall submit annual tax return, which along with income from business activities should specify other income received in 2012 originating from Ukraine, including income received from investment assets, foreign income, income received in the form of inheritance and gifts and others.

In accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine, private entrepreneurs following the calendar year shall also submit attachment number 5 to the tax return, which shall include advance payments of the personal income tax for the next calendar year, which are calculated independently by an entrepreneur and paid to the budget by 25 percent quarterly installments (15 March to 15 May, 15 August to 15 November).

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