The Tax Service allowed to submit a declaration of income via the Internet

As of January 1, 2013, citizens of Ukraine will be able to fill out and send to the State Tax Service (STS) declaration of property and income via the Internet.

The development of this service is complete, the new system is being tested, informed the STS.

In order to use the service the taxpayer will have to have an electronic key of digital signature and the appropriate software. Both will be provided for free.

On the official website of the Tax Service there is a special banner which explains in detail how to fill the declaration and its appendices.

The generation of declaration will consist of three simple steps.

"First of all, the taxpayer will be offered to choose the appropriate category – "individual entrepreneur" or "citizen", then the option to save the completed declaration in paper or electronic form. And after that the taxpayer will be offered to complete the document. After entering all the necessary data and applying the digital signature, the declaration at the request of the taxpayer will be either sent to the tax service, or stored for printing on paper" – explianed the STS.

Digital signatures can be received free of charge in the approved Certification Authority at STS and its regional offices, and the software can be freely downloaded from the web portal of the tax service.

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