The swan was named Gerda. How is the rescued bird doing? (PHOTO)

The "Barbos" animal rights protection organization shares the news about the swan, which was rescued yesterday on the Uzh in the city center, because the bird had a broken wing.

"We called this beauty Gerda! 

Gerda is a mute swan. By the way, today, mute swans are under protection in almost all countries of their habitation. 
So, today, we and our Doctor Doolittle, Dmytro Datsyuk, who performed the complex operation to save Gerda last night, went to see her! We examined her, gave injections! She is doing great: eats, swims well, cleans her feathers! 

We are glad that she is under the care of experienced specialists! 
Many people ask what the bird need: today we are ready to answer – feeds will be needed. Recall that the operation and further treatment by the clinic is free of charge. 
So the swans feed on aquatic vegetation (we will take it from the lake for her), but she will also need cabbage (especially important for the growth of the wing); carrots; beetroot; onions; potatoes! In addition to vegetation (grass, grain, root crops), animal-based food will also be needed. Boiled fish will do.  We plan to buy all that soon. If you want to help, Gerda will not refuse) 

Also, we have been often asked the question today – could the dog have inflicted the injuries to her? We can say with confidence – no, unfortunately, it was a human, if they can be called humans after that, of course…"

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