The suspected coronavirus in a Transcarpathian was not confirmed – MOH

According to experts, no clinical manifestations of the deadly virus have been found in the man, the reported.

The ARVI patient in Transcarpathia, who worked for a Chinese, was found to not have coronavirus.

This was stated by the Acting Director General of the Public Health Center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Igor Kuzin during a briefing in Novi Sanzhary.

"The man was hospitalized yesterday (February 24 – ed.), and in fact the clinical manifestations have been going on for 10 days, the temperature is higher than normal, but not as high as is usually in the case of coronavirus," – he said.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Health, after clinical examination and after conducting a physiological examination, it was found that it did not match the clinical manifestation of the coronavirus.

"The suspicion was lifted ," – he added and praised Transcarpathia for the quick response, both preventive and treatment.

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