The Supreme Administrative Court deprived Transcarpathians of their elected deputy

As Victor Baloha reported on his Facebook page, today the Supreme Administrative Court by its final decision abolished parliamentary powers of Pavlo Baloha elected in the constituency number 71 centered in Khust.
"For the first time in the history of Ukraine, the elected deputy has been deprived of his powers in an unconstitutional manner by the court, and not by the people who granted them. Therefore, elections in this country have turned into a pure formality, because deputies now can be "assigned" in the courts" – Baloha wrote.
Deputy Chairman of the CEC Andriy Mahera in his comments to the "Ukrainska Pravda" said:
"First, according to the Administrative Code, the term allowed for challenging election results in court is 5 days. This term has long expired. Already 4 months have passed since the election day.
Second, after the registration of deputies and the expiration of the term for challenging the results in court, both deputies took an oath in the Parliament and gained the powers of deputies of Ukraine. This moment in legal terms is irreversible," – the deputy head of the CEC said.
The decision on early termination of the powers of the people’s deputy of Ukraine can be adopted by a majority of the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
If a deputy is engaged in other types of activity along with his or her activity as a deputy, the powers of such deputy of Ukraine shall be early terminated by the court pursuant to the law.
A similar decision was taken by the court regarding Oleksandr Dombrovsky, who scandalously won in the 11th constituency in Vinnytsya region.

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