The story of the dog rescue in Nyiregyhaza were not so happy as the one in Transcarpathia (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

We recently told an incredible story of a happy rescue of a dog on railway tracks that occurred in Transcarpathia. In neighboring Nyiregyhaza, they also tried to rescue a dog, but unfortunately with a different outcome.

Rescuers immediately responded to the call from the owner of the dog – the little terrier fell in a hole on the lake near the Hungarian city of Nyiregyhaza, the informed. He could not get out on his own, and the owner could not come up because of thin ice.

Rescuers began a search operation. The lake is small and shallow, the depth of water in many places is less than 1 m. But, the dog was dragged under the ice. Therefore, to rescue him, they used axes and chainsaws.

Unfortunately, the end of the story was sad – the dog was found, but too late…

– We did everything that we could, – the rescuers said. – We really wanted to save the little guy. However, it is not always possible to help. Especially when it is a matter of minutes. The only thing that we can advise is to watch after your pets more carefully. And take care of all those you love and cherish.



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