The start of the election campaign will be discussed in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

On Thursday, December 27, at 11:00, a press conference of the representatives of the Civic Network OPORA in Transcarpathian region on the official launch of the presidential election campaign in Ukraine and the activity of potential election participants will be held at the premises of the Uzhgorod Press Club.

During the press conference, the speakers will tell about the launch of the campaign on December 31, as well as provide details about the election activity of representatives of potential candidates, in particular – "charity" events, hidden political advertising in the media, on billboards and citylights.


Svyatoslav Babilya, regional coordinator of the OPORA Civic Network;

Yaroslav Hulan – coordinator of election monitoring of the OPORA Civic Network in Transcarpathian region.

Journalists, representatives of public and political organizations and other interested persons are invited to participate. 

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