The special commission will deal with the auction of the property at 35 Hrushevsky st.

The regular meeting of Uzhgorod city executive committee continues. Opening the meeting, a member of the executive committee Oleksandr Volosyansky asked to include on the agenda yet another issue.

It is about the auction, declared in respect of the property in the yard at 35 Hrushevsky st. The executive committee members asked to authorize the Department to ban the auction, which would allow to legitimize the illegally erected foundation, because then it may lead to privatization of land and construction of buildings in the green area adjacent to residential houses. They say, this scheme is quite usual and it is a way to misappropriate areas for development.

The Mayor Victor Pogorelov said that the issue was not within the competence of the executive committee. And added that he would order to form a commission to study it. When exactly the commission will be formed and whether the auction will be canceled is currently unknown.

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