The Slovak police detained two Ukrainians who tried to smuggle a citizen of Afghanistan to the European Union by a hang glider

MAŤOVSKÉ VOJKOVCE. Police from Sobranec had a busy night, the Slovak publication dolnyzemplin informs.

On Wednesday, August 22, in the city of Matovske Vojkovce, a two-seat motor hang glider illegally crossed the Schengen outer border.

Officers of the border guard and police department of the city of Sobranec were watching the flight.

The hang glider landed on the meadow in the village of Hran (Trebisov district), law enforcement agencies reported.

The spokeswoman for the Presidium of the Police, Denisa Baloghova, told that the police was watching the hang glider landing. There were lights on the ground to help the aircraft land safely.

Four men tried to run away, but they were caught, and then they began to resist the police.

Therefore, the police had to use force.

Then the investigator of the National Border Police was called to take charge of the case.

Two people are accused of smuggling and illegally crossing the border: Ukrainians Igor M., who piloted the mechanized hang glider, and Vasyl D., who helped him during landing. The third person, Mohamed W., an Afghan national, who had illegally entered the Slovak territory, was returned to Ukraine. Regarding the fourth person involved in the crime, a Slovak, appropriate actions are currently being carried out.

It is reported that the detainees face imprisonment for a term of three to eight years.

The investigation continues.


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