The session of the Regional Council has started in Uzhgorod (UPDATED)

As the journalist Andriy Hanusych reported on his page in facebook, there were some people in tracksuits in the journalist box, but later they were expelled.

The journalist is carrying out "text broadcast" of the events at the session.

First, the Chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Ivan Baloha wanted to congratulate on the appointment of Lunchenko as the head of the RSA, but he was not in the hall. The session started. 90 deputies registered.

Lunchenko then showed up and took the floor.

By the way, the former head of the region is also in the hall. There is also the former mayor, odious Serhiy Ratushniak. 

Valeriy Lunchenko said to have found understanding with Uzhgorod activists, that he was "ready to resign, if there is a reason for that," and also that he had nothing to do with the appointment of Turday as the chief of the police…  

At least 7 MPs were noticed in the hall. In particular, those are Ksenia Lyapina, Andriy Shevchenko and Mykola Knyazhytsky.

Biletsky requests to block the cards of absent deputies. Out of 108 deputies, 91 are present in the hall, 17 are absent.    

The deputies will ask the Parliament to open the Faculty of Forestry in UzhNU. 

Then Lunchenko took the floor again. He demands the dissolution of the regional council. It concerns the return of the RSA powers, taken by the regional council at the previous session. 

Activist of Uzhgorod Maidan Yuriy Svitlyk took the floor. His speech was received enthusiastically in the hall.  

They created the lustration committee of Transcarpathia, which will consist of 6 organizations and 12 people, the members will be presented on Sunday at the Assembly (at about 13.00). For the first 10 days the Committee will be chaired by a non-partisan activist Vasyl Maniak.

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