The seminar with a renowned martial arts master will take place in Transcarpathia (Announcement)

From June 27 to July 4, 2016, another seminar on wushu with the famous Chinese martial arts master Mu Yu Chun will be held in Transcarpathia. Over the past six years, the Transcarpathian Wushu Federation has organized more than ten seminars with Mu Yu Chun. Summer seminars in the mountains, in camp, in a clean location of Ukraine are always attended by a large number of friends.

Some extra classes will be organized at the seminar:

– Extreme medicine. Aid and rescue in field conditions.

– Mountain climbing and hiking, knots, crossing etc.

– Painting for children. Several artists will organize painting classes for kids outdoors during the seminar.

Technical aspects of the seminar in the mountains

Meals will be organized centrally.

Gathering of the participants will be on June 27 in the morning until 12.00 at the railway station of Uzhgorod. Buses will be waiting there.

In the mountains, there will be a ready-made camp. 

Toilets and showers will be prepared and built by the organizers in advance.

What you should take along. Mandatory!!!

  1. Rubber boots!!!
  2. Tourist mat
  3. A tent or a place in a tent of friends.     
  4. Mug, spoon, plate, knife.
  5. Sleeping bag.
  6. Flashlight and batteries.
  7. Warm clothes. Sweater, socks, jacket, etc.
  8. Raincoat.
  9. Individual first aid kit.
  10. Gloves. To keep warm during the morning sessions.

What you should take along, but not necessarily.

  1. Cream or spray for mosquitoes.
  2. Some clothes pegs.
  3. Adhesive tape.

For more information, call 066-611-77-77 Boris

Source: Groza-News

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