The salary arrears to the public sector employees of the region will be paid starting from today

– The stabilization subsidy from Kyiv, which we had been expecting since September, has finally been transferred to Transcarpathia, – Hennady Moskal said. – The funds have already been transferred in the districts, and the banks have received them, so starting today, state employees will receive salaries for the previous months. First of all, salaries will be transferred to employees of educational institutions of Volovets and Mizhhirya districts, where the situation is most critical. Tomorrow, state employees of other districts, where there is wage arrears, will start to receive their wages. In addition, on Thursday, we expect from Kyiv a medical subvention, which will be used to pay off debts to medical workers.

Recall that because of the delay of funding from Kyiv, arrears of wages to state employees have arisen in some districts of Transcarpathia (primarily medical and educational workers). This is the most critical situation with payments in the region for the last 10 years.

During October, November and early December, the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration repeatedly sent the Prime Minister of Ukraine telegrams asking him to intervene in the situation and sent to Transcarpathia the stabilization subsidy and medical subvention provided for in the State Budget.

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