The revolution in Transcarpathia: valuable paintings from the RSA will be given to the museum

"Now, we are handing over the paintings of Transcarpathian artists, which for many years have been in the RSA building, to representatives of the museum. The justice will finally be restored, and the pictures will be for people, not for the officials," – Victor Shchadey wrote on his page in facebook.

Journalist Andriy Hanusych added: "This is the revolution in Transcarpathia: the museum employees came to the RSA and received paintings that were in the building. And this is, of course, right. I was present, when all the pictures were taken to Ledyda’s reception. People controlled the process." 

A bus will come to take valuable works of art.

It is worth noting that the activists reject any accusations of looting and destruction of property in the building.

As the commandant of the RSA captured by protesters Victor Shchadey reported to, today from 16.00 to 18.00 Transcarpathian Regional State Administration staff can safely come to the building and take all the necessary things, after referring to the commandant’s office or guardians of the building.

Currently, the building is in a new mode of operation. 

The first floor and a grand hall on the second floor are left open.

Most passages are blocked with benches from Narodna Square. Guardians from the People’s Self-Defense are sitting on the benches.

They began to protect the main entrance too.    There is a kitchenette. Also on the 2nd floor, they arranged a first aid post. They have brought into the building tires and bricks. Also, activists note, protesters at the RSA need water and food.  

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