The revival of “Bavka”

Head of the Regional Department of Culture Yuri Hleba introduced the new director of the puppet theater "Bavka" and promised that the government will make every effort and provide funds to make "Bavka" go up to a higher level.

"I am glad to introduce the new director of "Bavka" Miroslav Yosipovich Petiy – the head of the Regional Department of Culture Yuri Hleba addressed to journalists at the press center "Transcarpathia". – People from culture sphere have known him long. For 12 years he has worked in Transcarpathian Regional Musical and Drama Theater. He has played many roles, also served in the directing group of many performances and generally worked on the job, which included organizational issues. We will work together to make the theater regain the image of a stable creative team, aimed at the implementation of their tasks. Unfortunately, recently the image of "Bavka" has been stained a little, their problems averted the audience, dulled the interest in the performances. We will try to remedy all of these things. It’s nice that the team is focused on it".
The new Director of Regional Academic Puppet Theater "Bavka" Miroslav Petiy agreed that the reputation of the theater had somewhat deteriorated, which ultimately led to fewer viewers. "Now the main task is to restore the image of the theater. Conflicts have not gone unnoticed. In particular, "Interlialka" was disrupted. Now we are working with partners to restore lost connections."      
The chief director of the theater, Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Oryeshnykova told a little about the upcoming creative plans: "This year’s project is the collaboration of the director Kutsyk, the playwright Keshelya and the artist Danyliv. I am not saying the title of the project for now. I hope everything will work out. The material is quite complicated, but that makes it more interesting.We also want to include the adult repertoire. We have already done several such performances, but I want the repertoire to expand".

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