The resident of Uzhhorod district detected illegal migrants from the Caucasus

Last day, "Onokivtsi" border post officers stopped illegal voyage of the three "pursuers of European happiness." In this case, the "unknown persons with backpacks" were reported to border guards by law-abiding residents.
As a result, 450 meters from the state border with the Slovak Republic, three men were detained while overcoming a barrier fence. 
Citizens of Georgia, unlike their recent "precursors", abstained from escaping and resisting the border guards.  
As happens in most cases of detention of illegal migrants on the Ukrainian-Slovak border area, the Georgians were not carrying any documents that could certify their identification and their destination was of the EU countries.
As a result of the detention, the three offenders were brought to the department to clarify the circumstances of the offense and make administrative and procedural documents.

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