The Regional State Administration promised to deal with cowsheds and pigsties

On Tuesday, September 11, under the direction of Deputy Head of the RSA Mykhailo Popovich the meeting on the development and state support for the livestock industry was held. The head of the Agricultural Development Administration Ivan Pauk, deputy heads of district administrations, representatives of veterinary medicine were participating in the meeting.

  The board members discussed the MAP program "State support for the livestock industry," which provides for compensation for keeping calves aged 3 to 15 months.

– Transcarpathian owners are interested in getting money from the state. But not everyone who can benefit from state support is aware of this possibility. There are villages where a few know of the state program. This is not acceptable. To work effectively in this area it is necessary to unite efforts of local executive authorities and village heads, representatives of veterinary medicine – said Mykhailo Popovich.

According to the Chief of Agricultural Development Administration Ivan Pauk, it is necessary to intensify the work on obtaining state subsidies in Beregovo, Velyky Berezny, Mukachevo, Tyachiv and Uzhgorod districts. Positive dynamics of the program is observed in Volovets, Mizhgirya and Rakhiv districts.

As of 12 August grants for 6080 heads of young cattle has been issued. 


Source: Press center of the RSA

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