The regional session will be deciding on the financing of Puppet Theater repair – council budget committee today distributed the money

Today, September 19, the meeting of budget committee has made the necessary changes to the regional budget for 2012. The meeting was conducted by the chairman of standing committee of the regional council on budget issues Vasyl Brenzovych. 

Among the first issues on the agenda were the amendments to the regional budget for 2012. The head of Financial Office of RSA Petro Lazar reported on this issue. It was primarily about redistribution of subsidies from the state budget to local budgets for the provision of benefits and subsidies for the purchase of solid and liquid household fuel and LPG, as well as for payment for electricity, natural gas, heat and water, etc.

Commission members approved the changes to the regional budget in the intersessional period as very important for regional and municipal budgets.

They supported the need for increased expenditures for Academic Chamber Choir "Cantus" for the purchase of costumes and musical instruments on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, and redistributed the regional budget expenditures within the total budget allocations under the Department of Culture of the Regional State Administration.

They discussed other issues, including deputy appeals. Among them were the appeal of Volodymyr Chubirko to allocate funds for the liquidation of emergency in Chop and the appeal of Miroslava Kalamunyak and Volodymyr Chubirko regarding the allocation of funds for reconstruction and capital repairs of the Academic Puppet Theater building. Renovation of the building was carried out in 2002, but today its state causes much concern – the overhaul is needed. The building collapses and we must rescue it, – said the parliamentarians.  

After active discussion of these issues, the deputies decided to submit them to the council session.

The effective use of funds allocated to local budgets continues to be controlled by the Standing Committee of Regional Council on Budget Issues.

Source: Press Service of the Regional Council

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