The regional government wants to play tennis and football all year round

Today the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration announced the intention to rebuild the tennis courts behind the "Yunist" sport complex. This plan they called a "hot project."

As the townspeople know, behind the "Yunist" sport complex there are 8 disused tennis courts. Vitaly Erfan, Head of Family, Youth and Sports Department of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration at the briefing reported that they had plans for the reconstruction of the area, and wanted to increase the ground to the overall size of three acres. Apparently, they are talking about the territory for year-round sport. In fact, besides restoring outdoor courts, they are going to build three covered courts and two playgrounds with artificial acrylic coating and a large football field.

"This is a "hot" project!" – said Vitaly Erfan, and added that on the instructions of the Governor Oleksandr Ledyda a project for drainage of the area for playgrounds is being drafted, which will then be submitted to the city council.

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