The regional council has allocated 500,000 UAH for Transcarpathian resorts

A meeting of the Standing Committee of the Regional Council for the development of tourism and recreation, headed by Dmytro Andriyuk was held.

The members reviewed the materials submitted to the Standing Committee. Among them – the approval of funding targets to be financed in 2013, according to the Program for the Development of Tourism and Resorts of Transcarpathian region in 2011-2015 and report on their use in 2012.

As the Deputy Chief of the Department for European Integration, Foreign Relations and Tourism of the Regional State Administration Oleksandr Marchenko reported, it is about the implementation of state tourism policy, optimization of tourism management system, its sustainability, innovative approach to the formation of a regional competitive tourism products, appropriate image of Transcarpathia and promotion in domestic and international markets. For all these purposes they allocated 500,000 UAH from the regional budget.

Having discussed the measures under the program, the commission approved the funds as part of the regional budget expenditures for 2013.

The commission also heard the information about tourist tax revenues in terms of cities and districts of the region for January 2013. This year the tax has been paid in the amount of 800,000 UAH.

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