The reason to get accomodation in Uzhgorod is not 20-year queue, but the department’s chief position

It was a mystery for the majority of Uzhgorod citizens from which noble impulses the current head of the Municipal Economy Department Oleksii Kasperov left the capital and came to work in a small town over Uzh. It turned out that in addition to moral satisfaction from the city problems resolve, Mr. Kasperov was provided with accomodation – two room apartment of 31sq. only of the living area (besides the kitchen, bathroom and other common area to use). He together with his family was provided with the apartment in February 2011, at the executive committee request, manifested on the capital’s worker fate immediately after the New Year and Christmas holidays.

We want to remind you fo comparison: according to the head of the accounting, distribution and privatization department of Uzhgorod City Council of municipal economy housing Mariia Papai, the budgetary accomodation is not constructed in Uzhgorod for dozen years already, because the money are not allocated for this purpose. Currently there are no free apartments in the town, because over 90% of Uzhgorod accomodation is already privatized. Therefore, the thousandth queue does not move from its place for more than 20 years. Official sums up: ‘There are more than 4 thousand Uzhgorod citizens on the housing register since January 1, from them almost 2200 are on the cooperative and around 1800 on the state’.

In other words, you do not have a large family, or the police officer, or made special contribution to town or state in order to get accomodation quickly in Uzhgorod, it is enough to be ‘necessary’ to the City Mayor Viktor Pogorelov. 


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