The public Prosecutor’s office initiated a criminal case against the director of the public utility

The director of one of Uzhgorod public utilities demanded and received $10000 from the businessman for the solution of the issues of providing the permission on the reconstruction of the basement in the building in Uzhgorod (Rafanda) by the Department of Municipal of Uzhgorod City Council – informs the press service of the prosecution in Transcarpathian region.

The Uzhgorod businessman appealed with a statement of the bribe extortion by the Officials of Uzhgorod City Council and the director of the public utility to the OCCA MIA of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region on April 5.

At the request there was carried the inspection which proved that the director of Uzhgorod public utility demanded and received a previously stipulated part of bribe of 24000 hryvnia in his ministerial office at the end of the day on April 5.
He received the second part of the bribe – $ 7000 already on April 9.
The director of public utility was arrested by the workers of the OCCA in Transcarpathian region after receiving the money. The fact of the bribery was documented in a due way. The regional prosecutor’s office is involved in the investigation of the criminal case.

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