The prosecutors say that a version of the murder of Oleksiy Rizak is also considered in criminal proceedings

As previously reported, at about 20.30 on November 16, 2012 Uzhgorod police department received the information that near the 16-storeyed building on Svoboda Avenue a body of a 25-30 year-old man had been found. The identity of the deceased was established – he was the son of the former "governor" of Transcarpathia Ivan Rizak Oleksiy.
Primary investigations into this case have been conducted, and criminal proceedings over this fact under Part 1 of Art.120 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (incitement to suicide) have been registered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations.
However, for more effective pre-trial investigation, experienced officers have referred this criminal proceedings to the Investigation Department of the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region. 
Several versions have been put forward, including the murder with further staged suicide. A series of examinations have been appointed. 
The Prosecutor of the Transcarpathian region, after studying the materials of the criminal proceedings into the death of a citizen Rizak Oleksiy, for the full, complete and impartial investigation of all the circumstances of this event have given written instructions to the senior investigator of the Office of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Transcarpathian region to conduct the necessary investigations, the course of which shall be controlled by the regional prosecutor’s office – informed the press service of the Prosecutor of the Transcarpathian region.

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