The Prosecutor of Perechynskyy district got a conscience pang on Easter eve?

The Prosecutor of Perechynskyy district Ivan Mykhailovych Forhachi wrote a letter of resignation of his own volition. This happened for the first time in the history of the prosecutor’s office, at least the local one.

According to the Internet source the man’s conscience tortured him for bribery of his assistant who has recently been arrested by the special unit of SSU. The prosecutor’s assistant received 2000 hryvnia from one of the Perechyn companies for having ‘closed eyes’ on certain violations in his work and did not bring it to the checking act, as it was reported to from the press service of the Prosecutor’s regional office.

She was arrested in the office and now released under the travel ban. Although, one of the regional internet sources claims, that she regularly received a monthly ‘tribute’ from the local taxi services. However, it is unlikely because such a service is rare in Perechyn district.

And Mr. Forhach will work as a Head of department of the regional prosecutor’s office. The press service stated that it is a lower level position.

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