The premiere of a short film about the post-war Uzhgorod based on the novel by Andriy Lyubka will take place in Kyiv

The shooting of the short film based on Andriy Lyubka’s story "The Queen of Frame" took place in Uzhgorod and Lviv in the spring of this year.

Now the film is ready, the premiere will take place in Kyiv on October 19, at the festival "2 Days of Shorts" presented by the new association of cinematographers EGO FILM GROUP. Entrance is free.

The script is based on the real events that happened in Uzhgorod immediately after the Second World War. The director is Marina Lopushina. The director of photography is Yuriy Dankevich.

– Be sure to go on Thursday to the premiere of the movie "Run Away or Stay" (based on my short story "The Queen of Frame") in the House of Cinema!, – Andriy Lyubka wrote on Facebook. The writer himself is currently in the United States.

EGO FILM GROUP presents feature and documentary films: history and present, disasters of the twentieth century and the hybrid war in the East. This generation does not wait for ready recipes, does not fit into existing rules. This is not a "poetic cinema", not "art house" and not the imitation of "Hollywood". This is a fundamentally different Ukrainian cinema generation: active and free, – the organizers of the film show inform.


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