The police will be saving voters in Transcarpathia

Police officers at polling stations will be closely monitoring the observance of law and order, as well as providing assistance to citizens in emergency situations.

Experience has shown that in the process of waiting and during the actual voting voters, especially elderly ones and ones with cardiovascular diseases, often feel seak at polling stations. Doctor Hanna Hladynets told Transcarpathian police officers how to give first aid to the victim and how to behave in case of emergency situation. This was informed by the official website of the Transcarpathian Office of MIA.

The most important thing, said Hanna Hladynets, is the ability of a policeman to properly behave in an emergency situation, not to panic and not to forget about their own safety. During the practical sessions the physician showed the audience how to properly check the pulse, how to bring unconscious man to himself, how to provide cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, etc. All this a policeman should do to a patient before the arrival of ambulance, because it is important not to lose precious time when a person can still be saved.  Particularly, doctor Hladynets elaborated on how to stop the bleeding from the wound, how to fix fractures, etc.

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