The police released the drunken man, who had started shooting in the middle of the night

Today, April 15, at 02.30 am, a resident of the village of Sokyrnytsya reported to Khust district police that near the Sokyrnytsya School, located on Tsentralna street, an unknown drunk man with a gun in his hands had made several shots into the air.

Near the zeolite plant in the village of Sokyrnytsya, the investigative team of Khust city police department arrested a 26-year-old unemployed resident of Khust Ivan S. In his jacket pocket they found and seized a special device to fire rubber bullets with the magazine, in which there were three cartridges with rubber bullets and 16 cartridges to 7.62 mm rifle.

The seized gun and ammunition were sent for expert examination.

The police released the detainee.

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