The police did not let a resident of Uzhgorod steal a “Jaguar”

A guard of one of the companies called the police having noticed around two in the morning an unknown man trying to open an expensive car parked nearby.

The central monitoring desk of the Protection Police Department in Transcarpathian region received an "alarm" signal from the protected object in the village of Onokivtsi. Wasting no time, the police crew arrived at the scene. Upon the arrival, the police officers were approached by a guard of the company, who had pressed the alarm button. The confused man told the policemen about a suspicious young man he had noticed:

– A young man was doing something near a gray "Jaguar", then entered the car and tried to start it. While doing that he opened the hood of the car several times. He was behaving very suspiciously, so I called for help – the eyewitness says.

The police officers detained the man who was behaving suspiciously near the car. As it turned out later, the 22-year-old resident of Uzhgorod tried to steal the car by damaging ignition and the car computer. An investigative team of Uzhgorod police arrived at the scene. Criminal proceeding over this incident was initiated under Part 1 of Article 296 (hooliganism).

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